Corkcicle Chillpod 2022

While most coolers on the market have about as much personality as an ice cube, we worked with Corkcicle to design an all-new cooler from the ground up that’s as lively and fun as the the parties you’ll want to bring it to.

And with features like a non-slip tabletop, the multipurpose divider+cutting board+bottle opener, and 10 days of thermal retention, there’s no better way to show up to a party.
Developing a form language that would be instantly recognizable as Corkcicle was crucial to the success of the project, so we spent a significant amount of time sketching in 2D and 3D to align on an iconic silhouette.
Jolie Showerhead

Showering can be refreshing to both body and mind, and a good shower starts with clean water and a quality shower head. But the hard minerals and chlorine that are often found in our water not only leave unsightly deposits and buildup in the shower, but can cause dryness and irritation to our skin and hair—hardly a refreshing experience.

With Jolie, we set out to design a clean and beautiful fixture that will leave you feeling clean and beautiful. We also wanted the design the to highlight the best-in-class integrated filter and be easily user-replaceable.
Initial research and exploration centered around visually highlighting the filtering feature, without detracting from a minimal overall fixture design.
Finding the correct physical scale was important, especially as many of the existing filtered shower heads on the market are imposingly large.
Judy Ready Kit

From floods to the flu, hurricanes to headaches, it never hurts to be prepared.

The problem is knowing where to start. And most emergency kits on the market are either disorganized and cheap to the point of being useless, or lean into the gloom of a doomsday prepper.

Judy Ready Kits lay the groundwork for families and individuals to anticipate mishaps of any scale, in an easy and accessible way.
After doing competitor and user research we quickly realized that the design of the organizational system would be critical to a successful kit. We spent a lot of time deciding how all the individual components should be grouped and labeled, so that any item can be quickly found at a glance.
The Judy Ready Kit was also selected for the Beazley Designs of the Year 2020 exhibit at The Design Museum in London, an exhibition showcasing the most innovative designs across fashion, architecture, digital, transport, product, and graphic design.
Billie Razor

At ATLASON I had the opportunity to design a new women’s razor for a new startup. Through the course of this project I had the opportunity to work directly with the client to transform their product from an off the shelf ‘me too’ razor to an ownable and exciting new offering that looked great and worked even better.
Using both 3d printing and hand tools, I prototyped 30+ versions of the razor handle, paying particular attention to the ergonomics in slippery conditions.
The number one thing customers asked for was a better way to travel with the razor - the aloe gel strip tends to gets gross in a toiletries bag, and turns to a gooey mess in a ziplock. So we created a simple travel case that snaps over the cartridge, protecting the blades and gel strip without adding extra bulk. The bottom half is perforated the blades to dry (no rust) without letting dust in.
Lína Swivel Chair

The Lína (meaning 'Line' in Icelandic) Swivel Chair for Design Within Reach was designed with a flowing continuous energy. The chair has a compact footprint and tailored, defined outer edges, yet is inviting and comfortable to sit in.
I was heavily involved in early concepting and ideation, as well as responsible for creating the initial 1:5 scale prototype for client approval. We then 3D printed a 1:1 scale model of the chair for real world testing and to ensure that our design intent could be followed through to production.