Daily Harvest

During my time at Daily Harvest I oversaw a packaging redesign across the entire product lineup. When the company began, their focus was on selling smoothies, so their primary format was in paper cups. But as they expanded other food—oatmeal, soup, entire meals—they needed to adjust their packaging accordingly. Our goal was to design a family of packaging that would not only look and perform great during use, but would stack well in the freezer. There was also a great emphasis on sustainability, which helped inform the types and amounts of materials used.
While this was ultimately an exercise in packaging design, we took the approach of thinking about it as dishware design. We wanted to reinforce that just because a meal is convenient doesn't mean it has to be sad and bland.
Stella Artois

Stella Artois is positioned as a high tier brand among the AB InBev brand portfolio and prides itself on a rich heritage and tradition.


It shows up on the retail shelf in generic packaging, with identical structures, materials, and formats as lower tier (i.e. cheaper) brands, diminishing the perceived value.
Initial brainstorming was done around unique and own-able attributes that would elevate brand perception and could be applied uniformly across the entire family of formats (4pk-24pk, bottles, cans, specialty, etc).We landed on three key features:

– Rounded corners for a premium, sophisticated shape

– Opening ritual, revealing and displaying the bottles

– Ergonomic handle for easy carrying
The Stella Artois 4 pack was piloted in the UK for the 2017 holiday season to great success.